Gig Harbor’s Race For A Soldier

Gig Harbor race for a soldier half marathon
Gig Harbor’s Race For a Soldier half marathon is this weekend on Sunday the 29th at 8am.
This will be the second year my wife and I have participated in this race. Not only is it fun to have a half marathon that runs through Gig Harbor, but it is for a great cause. Proceeds from the race go to organizations that help soldiers with PTSD and soldiers returning home from war.
Race for a soldier has activities running throughout the weekend. There is a prayer breakfast Friday morning at 7am at the Gig Harbor Boys and Girls club. Starting at 12:30 Friday will be a golf tournament at Eagles Pride Golf Course located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Sunday is the main event with the half marathon starting at 8am.
The course starts at the Gig Harbor YMCA, winds down Peacock hill into the Harbor, up Crescent Valley, up to Canterwood and then back to the Y. If you want a shorter run, they do have a two mile course for both kids and adults that also starts at the Y, goes to Peacock Hill and back to the Y.
You can sign up online for Gig Harbor’s Race For A Soldier for a few more days! See you this Sunday!
Gig Harbor half marathon

4th Annual Gig Harbor Scarecrow Festival

The 4th Annual Gig Harbor Scarecrow Festival, hosted by PenMet Parks, is coming to Sehmel Park on October 5th from 10am-4pm. This is a great way to usher in the fall season.

There are dozens of great activities for families, kids, and all residents of Gig Harbor, and this is one of my favorites. It’s a great free activity for anyone in the Gig Harbor area.

If you want to do more than just go, you can submit a scarecrow entry and try to win some great prizes. Get your family, your neighborhood, church group, etc to put together your best scarecrow entry.

Scarecrow Festival Gig Harbor


Tides Tavern Turns 40!

The Tides Tavern turns 40 this weekend! The Gig Harbor icon will be celebrating all weekend, providing the perfect excuse to drop by the Tides.  The Tides is located in the heart of Gig Harbor, and for 40 years it has been Gig Harbor’s waterfront destination for good food, drinks, views and friends. The Tides has always been a friendly and inviting atmosphere and for Gig Harbor residents it is almost impossible to go to the Tides and not see someone that you know…it’s our version of Cheers!, but with a view!

Tides Tavern Gig HarborHead to the Tides Tavern on a sunny day and try to get a seat on the dock…nearly impossible!  It is the destination for boaters, and the recently installed new dock accommodates more boats than the old one. Boaters are able to park at the dock and walk into the restaurant or have food delivered straight to their boat. One of my best memories was taking my 5 year old daughter in the double kayak, tying up to the Tide’s dock, and having a daddy-daughter date there.

This weekend will be the perfect time to head to the Tides as they will be celebrating from Friday September 13th through Sunday the 15th. The weekend will include live music, raffles supporting Race for a Soldier and much more.

Still water at the Tides

Youth Flag Football In Gig Harbor!

Looking for some youth flag football in Gig Harbor? PenMet Parks has the program for you! The Seattle Seahawks recorded their first win this past weekend, the Fishbowl with the Tides and Peninsula Seahawks is coming up this weekend, so if your kids are ready for some football, get them registered!

Any kids 1st-6th grade can sign up for flag football in Gig harbor, at a cost of $85/player. This is a great league that introduces kids to football while instilling great work ethics and principles in your kids.

The Parks Department is also looking to hire football officials and coaches for this league.  Lots of great opportunities!  You have until September 24th to register your child for the youth flag football program in Gig Harbor!

Youth flag football in Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor Real Estate | August 2013

Gig Harbor real estate had another solid month in August 2013. My monthly reminder, when I say Gig Harbor real estate I am referring to single family homes and condos that sold in Gig Harbor zip codes 98332, 98335, and 98333 (Fox Island). For other property types or areas, including hyper local areas down to the neighborhood, please contact me.

Gig Harbor Real estate home sales

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There were 98 homes that sold in Gig Harbor this past month (only 13% were short sale or bank owned!). While down a bit from the previous two months, that is still a huge improvement for Gig Harbor real estate as a whole. Take a look at the home sales in Gig Harbor over the past three years and see how we compare.

Home sales by price in Gig Harbor

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The average home price in Gig Harbor this past month was $411,663 (that is up 3% over last August and 9% over last month). The median sales price was $347,750 (again up 6.5% over last month and last August). What hasn’t changed is the price range that is selling best. 52% of the homes that sold in Gig Harbor this past month were priced below $350,000. We did have four $1M+ sales, so that continues to be good news for the luxury home market in Gig Harbor.

Gig Harbor Homes for sale

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As we look ahead, the inventory of homes for sale in Gig Harbor continues to inch upwards, while the homes pending sale creeps down. Looking into the 4th quarter, it’s reasonable to assume things will slow down slightly. Again, if you are interested in Gig Harbor real estate, either to buy a home in Gig Harbor or if you have a home to sell in Gig Harbor, please let me know and I’d love to help you understand what these numbers mean to you.


Vote for the Fishbowl Game of the Week!

Time to vote for the Fishbowl as the King 5 Sports Game of the Week! The annual Gig Harbor football clash with the Gig Harbor Tides facing off against the Peninsula Seahawks is Friday the 13th at 7pm. This is one of the great Gig Harbor community events. We don’t have any ties to either school, but we LOVE watching the Fishbowl.

This week, Gig Harbor and Peninsula is one of six games that King 5 is looking to highlight as their Game of the Week. Whichever game gets the most online votes will be featured, so get online today and cast your vote for Gig Harbor and Peninsula!

Gig Harbor Peninsula High School Football

Photo from GHHS Football page. Click to View


Gig Harbor Real Estate | July 2013

Gig Harbor real estate

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Gig Harbor real estate had another banner month in July 2013. I wrote last month how June hit a huge milestone in home sales in Gig Harbor. Well, July blew past that number and sales kept exploding!

My monthly reminder, when I speak about Gig Harbor real estate I am referring to single family homes and condos only (not vacant land or multi-family homes), and we are looking at zip codes 98332, 98335, and 98333 (Fox Island). If you’d like real estate information on other areas of the peninsula or other property types, just call me and I’ll be happy to run those for you.

Gig Harbor Home Sales

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In July, there were 109 homes that sold in Gig Harbor. You have to go back to August 2005 to find that many home sales in Gig Harbor! For some added perspective, the 109 sales we had this past month was a 91% increase over July 2012! It is also 8% increase over our banner month last month!

Gig Harbor Home Prices

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The average sales price in Gig Harbor in July ’13 was $374,672, a 10% decrease over last July and an 8% decrease from the YTD price. The median home price of $325,425 was down 11.5% from last July yet only 4% down YTD. As you look at home prices in Gig Harbor and why they may have decreased, just look at what price range continues to dominate. 57% of the homes that sold this past month are below $350,000.  Only 22% are in the $450,000-$800,000 range.

Homes for sale in Gig Harbor

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You can see that the housing inventory is continuing to slowly creep up, which is good news for home buyers. Also of note is that the number of homes under contract and pending sales (the best indicator for future sales) is also staying up, showing that this is not just a seasonal fluke.  More good news is that 30 year fixed interest rates are dropping down again.

Gig Harbor real estate

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Gig Harbor’s housing market is healthy. Sales are up. Prices are stable. Pending sales continue to stay high. Bank owned and short sale properties are declining (15.5% of July’s sales fell in this category). From the snap shot angle, Gig Harbor real estate in July 2013 is considered another fantastic indicator of an improving housing market.

Mortgage rates


For more information on the Gig Harbor real estate market or Gig Harbor community, contact Matt Thomson at 253-655-7595 or


Gig Harbor Real Estate | June 2013

Gig Harbor real estate hit a huge milestone in June 2013. Remember, when I talk about real estate in Gig Harbor I am referring to zip codes 98332, 98335, and 98333 (Fox Island) and only looking at single family homes and condos, not land or multi-family units.

Home sales in Gig Harbor

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There were 101 homes that sold in Gig Harbor this past month. The last time we sold over 100? June 2006. This was our best selling month in 7 years! That is something to get excited about. For perspective, in that 7 years there have only been 5 months with at least 80 sales. 22 months have had fewer than 40 sales. This is a significant milestone!

Gig Harbor home prices

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The average home price in Gig Harbor this past month was $490,365 (27.5% higher than last June, and 14.5% higher than last month). This is a bit skewed due to 7 sales over $1M (which in itself is a great sign!). Our median home price was $380,000 (17% higher than last June, identical to last month).

Gig Harbor home sales

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You’ll notice that the lower price range still dominates the board.  44.5% of the sales were below $350,000. Luxury homes (calculated nationally by taking the top 10% of sales) in Gig Harbor are considered any home above $650,000. 15% of the sales this month were luxury, showing that luxury homes in Gig Harbor are also on the rise. This includes a $3.1M sale, the 2nd highest in Gig Harbor this year.

Home sales in Gig Harbor

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Need more good news? The pending home sales in Gig Harbor continue to be high. Although June saw our first dip in months, the number of homes set to close indicates that we’ll have another couple of strong months coming. Inventory is rising slightly too, which is a good sign for those looking to buy a home in Gig Harbor.

Bottom line is that Gig Harbor real estate is in a healthy place. If you are looking to sell your home, the numbers are looking great for you. Sales are up, prices are up. If you’re looking to move to Gig Harbor, there’s a bit of urgency. Prices are heading up, interest rates are heading up, but the good news is inventory is starting to rise, and while rates are rising they’re still ridiculously low.  If you are looking to buy or sell Gig Harbor real estate, please give me a call and I’d be happy to help you decipher these numbers.

Gig Harbor real estate

Gig Harbor Real Estate | May 2013

Gig Harbor real estate saw another productive month in May. Home sales in Gig Harbor have skyrocketed the past couple of months, prices are starting to increase, and now mortgage rates are increasing as well. Basically, we are in another real estate market shift.

Gig Harbor Real Estate SalesIn May 2013, 91 homes sold in Gig Harbor (single family and condos, zip codes 98332, 98335, and 98333). That is tied for the highest number of home sales in Gig Harbor over the past 7 years. Last May, for perspective sake, there were 55 sales.

Gig Harbor Home PricesHome prices are also up. The average home price in Gig Harbor in May was $425,819 (17% higher than last May), and the median home price was $386,000 (24% higher than last May). With prices rising so quickly, many people who have been trying to buy a home in Gig Harbor for the past several months are experiencing a huge sticker shock in terms of what their money could buy even 4 months ago compared to now.

Pending Home Sales in Gig HarborIt doesn’t appear as though the Gig Harbor real estate market is going to slow down anytime soon, either. The last time we saw 91 sales in a month was August 2012. Look at the homes pending sale at that time. The numbers were way down, indicating that future sales would also be down. Contrast that with today’s pending sales, which are higher than they’ve been in years.

Homes for sale in Gig HarborI’m hearing in some media outlets that our inventory is on the rise, so that should settle things down. True, inventory has risen slightly the past few months, but look at the number of homes for sale in Gig Harbor now compared to the past 5 years. We still have far fewer homes available for the buyers.

What does all of this mean? It means we have shifted now into a seller’s market again. Sellers are naming their price again, multiple offers are pouring in again, and buyers are feeling pressure to act more quickly than they may like. Two homes that I’m aware of in Gig Harbor both sold less than 11 months ago and are now back on the market (not as flips…these are family homes that have had little to no work done). One went under contract in 4 days for 18% more than it sold for less than a year ago, the other just came active this week for 10% more than it sold for 8 months ago.

If you have a home to sell in Gig Harbor, now is a fantastic time. If you’re looking to buy a home in Gig Harbor, you may find the choices a bit thinner than you’d hope. Let me help you find the right home, even if it’s not currently on the MLS. Call me so we can discuss strategy for making sure you get the home you want.

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