Where is Gig Harbor’s best coffee shop?

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re known for our coffee.  Anytime you see Seattle on national TV (Extreme Makeover, Seahawks game, etc) you’d think all we do is ride ferries, toss fish, and drink coffee.  Even for non-coffee drinkers like me (please don’t hate me), coffee shops still play an […] Read more »

What I’ve learned…from Cutter’s Point Coffee in Gig Harbor

Welcome to a new series of blogs that I’m pretty excited about.  I’m always learning and applying lessons (at least trying to apply them), and for some reason these past two weeks have been full of great lessons that I’ve learned from odd sources, and I decided I’m going to start […] Read more »

A great idea for supporting Gig Harbor businesses

More than once I’ve shared my preference for supporting small, locally owned businesses in favor of large chains.  I try to do my best to feature local businesses on this site to draw more attention to them.  Gig Harbor resident Jonn Moomaw posted this great article on his blog today.  […] Read more »