Gig Harbor Real Estate | March 2014

Number of home sales in Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor real estate had a solid if not spectacular month in March 2014.  When we talk Gig Harbor real estate in these numbers, we are referring to single family homes and condos (no multi-family, land or commercial) in zip codes 98332, 98335, and 98333 (Fox Island). If you’d like […] Read more »

Gig Harbor Real Estate | September 2012

Graph of Gig Harbor home sales

I think that we’re nearing the point that we can say we’re experiencing an upward trend in Gig Harbor real estate, looking at the September 2012 statistics.  We’re not rebounding, or skyrocketing or anything else really exciting.  Gig Harbor home sales are simply seeing an upward trend.  In number of […] Read more »

Home sales in Gig Harbor–April numbers

For those of you who like numbers, here are the April real estate statistics for home sales in Gig Harbor.  Reminder that these numbers represent single family homes and condos in zip codes 98332, 98335, and 98333 (Fox Island).  If you’d like to know the numbers for a specific neighborhood, […] Read more »

February’s real estate report for Gig Harbor

February’s numbers for real estate in Gig Harbor are in, and they’re pretty boring, really.  By boring, I mean no significant changes to report.  Last month, you’ll remember, we had 31 sales in Gig Harbor at a median sales price of $309,500.  This month, we were up to 36 home […] Read more »