Gig Harbor Real Estate | September 2011

Gig Harbor real estate continued a fairly long-term trend in September of 2011.  For the past several months, we’ve seen increases in the number of sales, and decreases in the median prices.  This month was no different, although the median price took a larger hit than usual. Gig Harbor real […] Read more »

September home sales in Gig Harbor

Ready for the roller coaster that is home sale reports in Gig Harbor?  Great!  Here we go!  September’s home sale statistics for Gig Harbor continue right along with the theme of the past 2 years.  They’re all across the board and completely open to interpretation.  Remember, when I talk about […] Read more »

August home sale statistics for Gig Harbor

For those of you who like numbers like I do, the numbers for Gig Harbor home sales in August are in.  They’re pretty decent, too.  The story they tell is up to you, though. There were 61 single family home and condo sales in Gig Harbor during August (at least […] Read more »

Harbor Greens Market turns 3 tomorrow!

Gig Harbor gets to celebrate a birthday tomorrow!  Harbor Greens Market, a local meat, produce, wine and more store, turns 3 tomorrow and Gig Harbor gets to join in the celebration! There will be free samples, a bounce house, cotton candy, kettle corn, and JT’s BBQ (with a grocery purchase). […] Read more »

Gig Harbor real estate statistics–March

For those of you numbers junkies, let’s take a look at the Gig Harbor real estate statistics from March.  You’ll remember that the first 2 months of 2010 were dismal in terms of home sales…that all changed in March.  Gig Harbor (defined here as zip codes 98332, 98335, and Fox […] Read more »